It is best to play this game in the backyard, outside or in a gym. There is no limit of players.

Children stand in one line and then arrange in groups of 4.

One of the groups is called a wheeler and remains on the line; to the left and to the right of them there are two groups of horses. And the rest groups are the coachmen.

After everybody is arranged in this way, the coachmen take off their belts; thread their belts over the belts of wheelers, capturing both ends of the belt with their right hand so that the belt buckle is between the index finger and thumb, and the opposite end of the belt between the middle and index fingers. That makes it easier to quickly remove the belt at any time.

The players can elect one of the older kids to be “troika owner”.  At a signal given by them, the “troika” starts moving forward slowly at first, then gradually speeding up the steps, then running in one direction and then they gradually move in another direction, then they scatter in all directions, when the owner orders.

As soon as the “troika owner” shouts “Horses, run!” coachmen immediately release their belts, bound with wheeler’s belts, and free horses quickly rush in different directions.

After a while, the owner shouts again: “The coachmen curb the horses”. After hearing that, coachmen take each other’s hands forming a chain, and begin to move from one end of the room or yard to another, driving there as well, the horses.

The main element of this game is walking and running.