Children gather in the spacious place, choose the so-called “tag” among them and start running.

The tag continues to strive to catch the prey, the latter (and this is the difference between this game from the previous one) – in turn tries to touch the first tag, who starts running away.

What is interesting about this game is that it requires a great amount of agility from all the players. In this game children receive plenty of exercise trying not to get tagged. And besides they become more agile with each practice.

In addition to running, an essential element of the game is throwing the ball.

Children choose roles according to the rules of tag game. One child becomes a tag and is given a ball and others start running.

While children run in different directions, the tag tries to touch one of them with his ball.

Tagged child becomes a tag and children continue playing until they get tired or bored.

This game is usually played in a large room or outside. The number of players range from 4 to 25 or more.

Children gather together and choose one person whom they name “Tag”. His task is to watch the running kids and trying to catch one and tag the kid with his hand.

The “tagged” kid stops running and become the “Tag”. His name is pronounced loudly so the other kids will know whom they should avoid.

As soon as he touches anyone he transfers his “Tag” and start running with other children from the new “Tag”.

This game should be plaid until kids get tired.This game is based on the movement but you can add some other elements – for example, using ball to tag.