Choose a specious place inside the school or play this game outdoor. Draw lines at each end of the field to define two places for the game. One of those places is going to be a merchant’s home; the other is the pen for animals. The remaining space that connects these two places is called the field.

All participants decide which role to play before the game:One of them is going to be the owner of the animals, another is the merchant, and the rest of the players represent a variety of animals: a tiger, an elephant, a lion, a fox etc…·

Then the merchant goes into the merchant house, the animals go into the animal pen and the owner is placed near the pen as a guard.
At the beginning of the game the merchant comes in and asks the owner whether he has an elephant among his animals. After he receives a positive answer he asks about the price.

The animal’s owner names the price and extends his hand to the buyer as if he is trying to get money. But instead of money he gets a light strike on his hand. And the number of strikes equals the sum of money he said he wanted for the animal. When the strikes start the sold animal starts running toward the merchant house and after the animal reaches it come back to the animal pen.

It should come back to the pen before the last strike otherwise the merchant starts running after the animal. If the merchant catches the animal then it becomes his and he takes the animal into his house. Then he goes back to the animal owner for the new animal. The scenario repeats with all animals as with the first one.
If the buyer can’t catch the purchased animal he becomes an animal and the animal becomes the buyer. The game continues until all the animals are sold and caught.

Sometimes when there are too many players and it requires too much time to sell and catch all animals the children can get tired. In that case stop the game otherwise children will be frustrated instead of having fun.

This game “Animals” is based on running – the rest are just fun details making the game entertaining.

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